Archivist: Nancy Charley

The Archives held within the Society’s Collections can be divided into two main types:

The Royal Asiatic Society’s own records dating from the founding of the Society. These include

  • Minutes Books for both Council and General Meetings
  • Early Donations Registers and Subscription Ledgers
  • Correspondence regarding a range of Society business
  • Lecture information
  • Events and Exhibitions
  • Awards
  • Finance and Buildings

These Papers have now been organised into their record-making areas and are beginning to be catalogued. In the meantime lists are available with the archivist in the Reading Room. These lists cover Allied Societies, Awards and Medals, Collections, Finance, Governance, Journal, Lectures and Events, Membership, Personnel, Property, and Publications.

The first sets of Institutional records have now been catalogued. The catalogue for the Royal Asiatic Society’s Triennial Gold Medal can be accessed here, those for the Public School Medal can be accessed here, for the Universities Prize Essay Fund can be accessed here, and for the Richard Burton Memorial Medal are accessed here. Other Catalogues for Institutional records include:

Private papers and allied material from its founding members, prominent orientalists and others associated with the Society. There are now catalogues for many of these on Archives Hub.

The individual catalogues may be accessed by clicking on “Papers” and a web page or blog post about the individual may be accessed by clicking on their name.

We are also beginning to catalogue our Special Collections

Some Papers are still awaiting cataloguing such as those  of:

  • Charles Ambrose Storey (1888-1968) – Professor of Arabic at Cambridge and author of the bio-bibliographical survey of Persian literature
  • Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson  (1810-1895) – the decipherer of cuneiform. However a detailed list of these Papers is available on our website here.

The majority of these archives are paper documents though there are also manuscripts, photographs and slides, and objects. This archival material is currently being catalogued on to Archives Hub. However, much of the material is still being sorted and listed. This website provides some information but please do not hesitate to contact the Archivist to obtain further details on any archival material. Most of the material is available to researchers though some modern records are restricted due to data protection issues.