Digital Library

The Society has a Digital Library, which features some of our most important, beautiful, and inspirational collections. The Digital Library includes:
  • Three exquisite Persian manuscripts: the Shahnamah of Muhammad Juki (RAS Persian 239), the Gulistan of Sa‘di (RAS Persian 258), and the Masnavi of Zafar Khan (RAS Persian 310)
  • The digitized archive of Sinologist and mathematician Thomas Manning (1772-1840), which was acquired by the Society in 2015
  • A selection of Malay manuscripts from the collections of Sir Stamford Raffles, Sir William Maxwell, and William Farquhar; including a particularly important copy of the Sejarah Melayu (RAS Raffles Malay 18)
  • A film of archaeological excavations at Nineveh, Iraq, ca. 1930, under the supervision of Reginald Campbell-Thompson
  • The Brian Houghton Hodgson collection of architectural drawings of the Kathmandu Valley, completed by the Nepali artist Raj Man Singh Chitrakar in 1844
  • Most of the Society’s oil paintings, well as a number of other important artworks from our collections

We hope to gradually add more content to the Digital Library.

Digital Library
Snakes and ladders
Design for Snakes and Ladders, c.1800