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Due to the ongoing government lockdown, all RAS Lectures have been suspended until further notice.

The 2019-20 Term Card can be downloaded as a pdf: Final Royal Asiatic Leaflet 2019-20

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The RAS lectures begin at 6.30pm. Please check the starting times for additional lectures and events. There is no charge for our regular lectures, and tickets are not normally required. Podcast recordings of most lectures can be found here.

RAS Beijing’s Upcoming Events​

WHAT: “Digital Secrets of a Legendary Chinese Painting” by Alfreda Murck, an RASBJ Zoom talk followed by Q&A

WHEN: July 15, 20:00-21:00 Beijing Standard Time


MORE ABOUT THE EVENT: The eleventh-century handscroll Going up the River on Qingming Festival is a masterpiece of genre painting. The detailed depiction of architecture, technology, costume, and customs justify its fame. But it was the painter’s sense of humor and insights into social interactions that made this painting China’s most coveted scroll. Today, digitization allows observers to linger over these delightful scenes, removed from a museum’s time-and-space pressures; for a preview check out scrolls.uchicago.edu

MORE ABOUT THE SPEAKER: A student of Song dynasty painting, Freda Murck lived in Beijing from 1997 to 2013. In Beijing’s flea markets she collected other people’s castoffs such as objects related to the mangoes that Mao Zedong gave to workers in 1968. She taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts and at Peking University, but her favorite job was helping with translation in the IT department at The Palace Museum.

HOW TO JOIN THE EVENT: This event is free and exclusively for members of the ROYAL ASIATIC SOCIETY BEIJING and of other RAS branches.  If you’d like to participate please email ao@royalasiaticsociety.org

HOW TO JOIN THE RASBJ: To become a member (or, for PRC passport-holders, to become an Associate) please email membership.ras.bj@gmail.com or on Wechat add MembershipRASBJ giving your full name, nationality, mobile number and email address plus the annual subscription amount (or, for Associates, the suggested donation) of RMB 300 for those resident in China, RMB 200 for those living overseas and RMB 100 for students. To learn more about the RASBJ go to www.rasbj.org


July 22: Frances Wood on “Mahjong in Maida Vale: the Chinese intellectual community in the United Kingdom, 1930s-50s”

July 29: Prof. Hans van de Ven on “China’s Maritime Customs Service: Robert Hart and China’s globalization”

August 5: Prof. Arne Westad on “The origins of reform and opening in China in the 1970s”

August 26:  Bizarre Beijing’s Jim Nobles on the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival