John Drew Bate Archives


Archivist: Nancy Charley

The Society’s archive is an important resource for those seeking to learn more about Asian history and cultures. Our archival holdings incorporate the Society’s own records as well as the collections of some of the most prominent figures and societies within Asian studies.

The archives can be divided into the following types:

  1. The personal papers of figures involved in the work of the Society or within Asian studies.
  2. Records from the Society’s own institutional archive as well as material from sister branches of the RAS and other organisations.

A full listing of all our catalogued collections can be found on Archives Hub where over 100 collections are listed. If you are interested in accessing these please contact the Archivist at:

Uncatalogued Collections:

We also have a number of collections which are yet to be catalogued on Archives Hub. This includes:

  • Sections of the Institutional Archive
  • Personal Papers of the Orientalist, Charles Ambrose Storey
  • Personal Papers of the Orientalist, Sir Henry Creswicke Rawlinson
  • A small number of objects from when the Society was a Museum

To find out more about these please contact the Archivist.

Special Collections:

The Society also holds a number of Special Collections material which includes: