Royal Asiatic Society

Option 1.

Apply for Membership Online

Apply online and pay by Direct Debit or Paypal

Option 2.

Download Form to fill in and Post

If you prefer to download the form and send it by email or post, you can do so by downloading the PDF Application form

Gift Aid

Fellows who pay UK income tax can complete a Gift Aid Declaration so that the Society can claim the maximum benefit under the new rules for charitable giving.

Payment Options

Direct Debit:

The Society prefers payment by Direct Debit and offers a reduction in fees for fellows choosing this option. This option requires a UK bank account.

PayPal Payments

Note: You need a PayPal account to use the recurring subscription PayPal option.

Choose your subscription type from the drop-down menu.

Payment Options

Bank Transfer:

Pay direct to Royal Asiatic Society Account, please email for details.