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Mandakranta Bose

Mandakranta Bose is Professor Emerita at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, where she taught Religion and Women’s Studies, and was for many years Director of the Centre for India and South Asia Research. Dr. Bose studied Sanskrit in Calcutta (BA, MA) and Oxford (MLitt, DPhil) and Comparative Literature at the University of British Columbia (MA), has numerous publications on Sanskrit textual studies, Indian epics, Hinduism, the performing arts, literature, and gender studies. She was elected Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland (1990), of the Royal Society of Canada (2007), and of the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies (2013).

Mandakranta Bose

How did you first hear of the Society?
I heard of RAS in my teens in Calcutta in the mid 1950s from my father who was a professor of history at the University of Calcutta. RAS was also frequently mentioned in his academic circle and in cultural magazines.

What encouraged you to join?
I was attracted to RAS as a meeting place of Asianists, especially when encouraged by eminent scholars such as the late Bimal Krishna Matilal and Professor Richard Gombrich who very graciously nominated me.

What would you say are the benefits of being a fellow of the RAS?
Access to a rich collection of manuscripts and art from Asia, to exhibitions, and the opportunity to keep up with developing scholarship.

What is your favourite item from the RAS collections?
Mughal and Rajput miniature paintings.