Royal Asiatic Society


The Royal Asiatic Society is UK registered charity number 209629. The Society is governed by an elected Council. Officers of the Council  usually serve for a three-year term  and members of the Council usually serve for a four-year term.

Members of Council (2021-22)

Professor S. ANSARI, President (2021-2024)

Dr B. BREND, Vice-President (2019-2022)

Mr L. KNIGHT, MBE Treasurer (2019-2022)

Professor S. BHATTACHARYA (2021-2025)

Professor F. de BLOIS (2021-2025)

Mr D. DAVIS (2019-2023)

Dr H.E. DRIVER (2020-2024)

Dr A. T. GALLOP (2020-2024)

Dr G. JOHNSON (2019-2023)

Dr F. MELVILLE (2018-2022)

Dr N. PEABODY (2019-2023)

Mrs E. ROBB (2019-2023)

Mr I. SEDGWICK (2020-2024)

Dr J. SOKOLY (2018-2022)

Professor D. SWALLOW (2021-2025)

Dr D. TAYLOR (2018-2022)

Dr S. WHITFIELD (2018-2022)

Dr M. WILLIS (2020-2024)