The Royal Asiatic Society is UK registered charity number 209629. The Society is governed by an elected Council. Officers of the Council  usually serve for a three-year term  and members of the Council usually serve for a four-year term.

Members of Council (2019-20)

President:  Prof. A. Stockwell (2018-21)                         Treasurer:  Mr. L. Knight (2016-22)

Vice President:  Dr. B. Brend (2018-21)                         Editor:  Prof. S. Ansari (2015-20)

Mr P. Collin (2017-21)
Dr R. G. S. Cooper (2017-21)
Mr Derek Davis (2019-23)
Dr. Gordon Johnson (2019-23)
Dr. J. Mallinson (2016-20)
Dr. F. Melville (2018-22)
Prof. D. O. Morgan (2016-20)
Dr. Norbert Peabody (2019-23)
Mrs Elizabeth Robb (2019-23)
Prof. F. C. R. Robinson (2017-21)
Dr N. Sarkar (2016-20)
Dr. J. Sokoly (2018-22)
Prof. I. Talbot (2017-21)
Dr. D. Taylor (2018-22)
Dr. C. van Ruymbeke (2016-20)
Dr. S. Whitfield (2018-22)

The Society’s Byelaws and Standing Orders are available to download as PDF files.

This is our Volunteer Policy.

You can download our annual Report and Financial Statements for the past five years by clicking on the links below. All reports are in a PDF format.

Report and Financial Statements 2018

Report and Financial Statements 2017

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland 2016

Report and Financial Statements 2015

Report and Financial Statements 2014

Report and Financial Statements 2013

You can find an edited version of recent Library Reports below (from Summer 2016 onward):

Library Report January to March 2018

Library Report September to December 2017

Library Report April to August 2017

Library Report January to March 2017

Library Report September to December 2016

Library Report April to August 2016