2022 Winner


Sonia Wigh (Exeter) 
The Body of Words: A social history of sex and the body in early modern South Asia




Taushif Kara (Cambridge)

Abode of peace: Islam, empire and the Khoja diaspora.  


Katie Campbell (Cambridge)

Cities and the Mongol Conquest: Urban Change 1200-1400


Melyn McKay (Oxford)

For women there are two Nirvanas: Risk and Freedom in Myanmar’s contemporary Buddhist revival movement  


Matthew Woolgar (Oxford)

Communism in Context: The Indonesian Communist Party in West Java

2021 Winner


Mallika Leuzinger (UCL) 
Dwelling in Photography: Intimacy, Amateurism and the Camera in South Asia.




Stefano Gandolfo (Oxford)

The Streams of Knowledge: Organising the Siku Quanshu.  


Shreyashi Dasgupta (Cambridge)

The Accommodation City: Private Low-Income Housing and Urban Space in Dhaka and Mumbai.




2020 Winner


Liana Chase (SOAS)
Healing ‘Heart-Minds’: Disaster, Care, and Global Mental Health in Nepal’s Himalayan Foothills. 




Hannah Theaker (Oxford) 

Moving Muslims: The Great Northwestern Rebellion and the Transformation of Chinese Islam, 1860-1896. 


Hedwig Waters (UCL) 

‘Living from loan to loan’: Tracing networks of gifts, debt and trade in the Mongolian borderlands.




2019 Winner


Lexi (Alexandra) Stadlen (LSE)
Weaving lives from Violence: Possibility and Change for Muslim Women in West Bengal




Radha Kapuria (KCL)

Music in Colonial Punjab: A Social History


Ahmad Moradi (Manchester)

Politics of Persuasion: Making and Unmaking Revolution in Iran


Sahil Nijhawan (UCL)

Human-animal relations and the role of cultural norms in tiger conservation in the Idu Mishmi of Arunachal Pradesh, India




2018 Winner


Johannes Lotze (Manchester)
Translation of Empire: Mongol Legacy, Language Policy, and the Early Ming World Order, 1368-1453




Kyle Jackson (Warwick)
Colonial Conquest and Religious Entanglement: A Mizo History from Northeast India (c. 1890-1920)


Ed Pulford (Cambridge)
On northeast Asian Frontiers of History and Friendship


Partha Pratim Shil (Cambridge)
Police labour and state-formation in Bengal, c. 1860 – c. 1950


Callie Wilkinson (Cambridge)
The Residents of the British East India Company at Indian Royal Courts, c. 1798-1818