A Selection of JRAS Articles

Translation of a Sanscrit Inscription

By J. Tod

On the Religions Establishments of Mewar

By J. Tod

Comparison of the Hindu and Theban Hercules, illustrated by an ancient Hindu Intaglio

By J. Tod

Jurisdictional Politics in Canton and the First English Translation of the Qing Penal Code (1810) – Winner of the 2nd Sir George Staunton Award

By S. P. Ong

On the Philosophy of the Hindus, Part I.

By H. T. Colebrooke

An Indian Game: Heaven or Hell

By F. E. Pargiter

Notes on Hindu Astronomy and the History of our Knowledge of it

By J. Burgess

Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus

By Ram Raz

Letter writing as the mingling of souls: remote knowledge exchange among eighteenth-century Naqshbandis

By D. J. Morgan

At the Crossroads: Mother Goddess Cult-Sites in Ancient India

By D. D. Kosambi

The Religious and Cultural Roles of Dreams and Visions in Islam

By N. Green

Crisis of Authority: Crisis of Islam?

By F. Robinson