New Worlds of the East India Company Conference

New Worlds of the East India Company

5 July 2024

Royal Asiatic Society, 14 Stephenson Way, London, NW1 2HD

£35 Members and £45 non members (lunch and drinks included)

Contact Matty Bradley at to book a place.


9.30. Coffee


9:45. Introduction: John McAleer (Southampton) and Joshua Ehrlich (Macau)


10:00. Panel 1: Beginnings, Ends, and Legacies

  • Rupali Mishra (Auburn): ‘The “Idea” of Government and Authority in the Early East India Company’
  • Guido van Meersbergen (Warwick): ‘Revisiting East India Company Diplomacy: The William Norris Embassy to Mughal India (1699–1702)’
  • Giorgio Riello (EUI) and Guillemette Crouzet (EUI): ‘Rethinking “French” and “British” India: The “Diary” of Ananda Ranga Pillai’
  • John McAleer (Southampton): ‘“In the spacious times of old”: The Afterlife of the East India Company, 1899–1909’


11:30. Panel 2: Labour, Knowledge, and Networks

  • Margaret Makepeace (British Library): ‘The World of the East India Company London Warehouse Labourers, 1800–1858’
  • Jessica Hanser (Copenhagen): ‘Slavery, Servitude, and the East India Company in China’
  • Anna Winterbottom (McGill): ‘Politics of Medicine and Natural Knowledge in Madras, c. 1789–1809’
  • Joshua Ehrlich (Macau): ‘Two Muttiahs and the Making of Company Power in South India’


13:00. Lunch



14:00. Panel 3: Art and Visual Culture

  • Rishad Choudhury (Oberlin): ‘A Portrait of the Mercenary as a Nobleman: Persianate Prosopography and Colonial Portraiture in Company School Art’
  • Jennifer Howes (Independent): ‘“A Needless Profusion”: The East India Company’s unwitting Patronage of the Arts under Richard Wellesley (1800–1805)’
  • Tom Young (Courtauld): ‘Amateur Art and the East India Company’s Civil Service, c. 1800–58’
  • Brooke Krancer (Yale Center for British Art, New Haven) and Anita Dey (Yale Center for British Art, New Haven), ‘Chromatic Confluence: The East India Company and the Materiality of British Art’


15.30. Tea


16:00. Panel 4: Protest and Scandal

  • Cheryl Fury (University of New Brunswick): ‘“I willed no more peas to be given the company”: Provisioning, Protest and “ApPEASement” in Early East India Company Voyages’
  • Callie Wilkinson (LMU Munich): ‘Bearing Witness in Wartime: Unauthorized Disclosures in the East India Company’s Armies, 1780–1850’
  • Nicholas Hoover Wilson (Stony Brook): ‘“To operate upon the root of the evil”: Charles Trevelyan and the Arc of Company Corruption’
  • Andrea Major (Leeds): ‘Critics of the Company: Challenging East India Company Colonialism in Manchester, Calcutta, and Delhi, 1838–1843’


17:30. Conclusion.