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Professor Surya P. Subedi, OBE, KC, DCL & DPhil

Professor Surya P. Subedi, OBE, KC, DCL is Professor of International Law at the University of Leeds, an Honorary Fellow of Exeter College, University of Oxford, and a practising barrister in London. He has been a visiting faculty member on the international human rights law programme of Oxford since 2016 and has taught at five other universities in the UK, USA, and the Netherlands. He has published 12 books and more than 60 scholarly articles in all major areas of international law in leading international law journals throughout his academic career. His publications are focussed on promoting fairness in international relations, strengthening the rules-based international order, and advancing human rights.

His latest book is ‘The Workings of Human Rights, Law, and Justice: A Journey from Nepal to Nobel Nominee’ (Routledge, London/New York, 2022) which draws on his lifetime personal experience of work in international law and human rights.

In 2022 the Royal Asiatic Society launched an annual ‘Surya P. Subedi Prize’ to be awarded to a book or an article on Nepal published in English anywhere in the world. The first prize was awarded this year to Professor Mark Liechty for his book “What Went Right? Sustainability versus dependence in Nepal’s hydropower development”.