Cultural Worlds at the Jaipur Court

To celebrate the publication of Masterpieces at the Jaipur Court, edited by Mrinalini Venkateswaran and Giles Tillotson, the Society hosted a study day on the topic of Cultural Worlds at the Jaipur Court featuring presentations from leading academics in the field. The study day was recorded and is now available to watch in full.

This first part includes the following presentations:

Panel 1: Foundations

Chair: Alison Ohta

Multi-Layered Identities: the Reception of Mughal Paintings by the Kachhwahas of Amber-Jaipur Ursula Weekes

The Clouds Part to Reveal the Sun of Yoga: a Manuscript of the Long Lost Yogabhāskara
James Mallinson

Educating the Rajputs: The Persian Manuscript Tradition
Vivek Gupta

Panel 2: Transitions

Chair: Jagjeet Lally

Individual Artists vs. Performing Types: Jaipur Paintings of Performing Arts
Katherine Butler Schofield

Sex Education: Etiquette and Play in a Dynastic History
Richard David Williams

Cultures of Cloth at the Jaipur Court
Sylvia Houghteling

This second part includes the following presentations:

Panel 3: New Directions

Chair: Norbert Peabody

Jaipur’s Transition from Mughal Ally to Rajput Revival Centre Expressed in Arms
Robert Elgood

This is Not the Maharaja of Jaipur: Photography in the Manner of Sawai Ram Singh II
Renate Dohmen

An Architectonics of Ornament: Painting, Architecture, and Design in Nineteenth-century Jaipur Shivani Sud

Closing comments by Giles Tillotson

Panel Discussion & Book Launch moderated by Giles Tillotson, with Karen Knorr, Laura Weinstein, Sonika Soni, Aparna Andhare