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RAS 034.016
A portico of four columns. Ram Raz Collection c.1825
RAS 077.001 (37-39)
Kunisato Triptych: View of Akabane, Yedo, early evening. From an album of theatrical prints presented by Herbert Charles Fanshawe, December 1923
RAS 063.034
Tod Collection: Rana Jai Singh of Newar being weighed, Udaipur
RAS 063.042
Demons and kings seated in two main rows. Illustration from the Adi parva of the Mahabharata.

Latest News

We are delighted to announce that digitized version of the Shahnama of Muhammad Juki, copied in Herat between 1440 and 1445 and considered to be one of the finest Timurid manuscripts of the 15th century; the Gulistan of the poet Sa’di completed in 1583 in Fatehpur Sikri; and an autograph copy of Kitab-i Mathnawiyyat-i Zafar Khan copied in Lahore in 1663 are now available online on the Cambridge Digital Library Website (https://cudl.lib.cam.ac.uk/collections/ras).

The Society thanks Professor Charles Melville and the Shahnama Project for their valuable support for making possible the digitization of the Shahnama of Muhammad Juki (RAS 239) and Dr. Barbara Brend for funding the digitisation of the Kitab-i Mathnawiyyat-i Zafar Khan ( RAS 310)and Gulistan of the poet Sa’di ( RAS 258). http://shahnama.caret.cam.ac.uk/new/jnama/page/

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