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RAS 034.016
A portico of four columns. Ram Raz Collection c.1825
RAS 077.001 (37-39)
Kunisato Triptych: View of Akabane, Yedo, early evening. From an album of theatrical prints presented by Herbert Charles Fanshawe, December 1923
RAS 063.034
Tod Collection: Rana Jai Singh of Newar being weighed, Udaipur
RAS 063.042
Demons and kings seated in two main rows. Illustration from the Adi parva of the Mahabharata.

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On 15th January 1784, William Jones founded the Asiatic Society of Bengal, the first Asiatic Society. We hold, within the RAS Collections, both some of his and his wife's Personal Papers and some of his wife's artworks and those of Indian artists which were commissioned by William Jones. The catalogue for the Personal Papers are on Archives Hub. Here is an example of one of the artworks:


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