Work Experience at the RAS 2014

I was introduced to the RAS through my school two years previously on a tour and was thrilled to be doing work experience here for a week. Having studied Sanskrit, art, history and history of art for AS Level it seemed that helping at the RAS would be a priceless opportunity to increase my depth of knowledge. My first task was to take pictures of Japanese brush drawings and upload the thumbnails onto the RAS’ online catalogue. They were incredibly fine and delicate works which had great care and sensitivity in each of the illustrations; I was grateful to be trusted with such artefacts!

Faulds album 078.001/10a
I also helped with selecting books for the RAS’ first exhibition display on Sir William Jones. It was exciting to find a book of letters sent from Jones as it showed how far his wealth of knowledge stretched and how diverse his interests were.

Letters and books by Sir William Jones
I was also taken to Asia House to see the contemporary art exhibition entitled ‘Across the Border’. This excursion put into perspective how rich and colourful Asian culture is today and the works at the RAS prove that it has been this way for a long time. I also put my Sanskrit skills into practise by transliterating some titles so they could be added onto the catalogue. My favourite part of the RAS is the library itself. Standing amongst books, manuscripts and archives from centuries ago is an indescribable feeling. Overall my experience at the RAS has been invaluable and I have learnt a great deal which I am highly thankful for. I would like to thank the staff for making me feel at home and helping my time here be so enjoyable. 
Sanskrit books ready to be catalogued!
Tatyana Rutherston