RAS Lecture – The Dardanelles Campaign from both sides of the trenches

Last Thursday, 14 May, saw a busy evening at the RAS. In addition to our Annual General Meeting, we hosted a lecture by Dr Eugene Rogan (Oriental Institute, University of Oxford), on “The Dardanelles Campaign viewed from both sides of the trenches.”

Dr Eugene Rogan addresses the audience
Dr Rogan’s lecture, delivered to a packed audience, was full of poignant insights into the experience of ordinary soldiers on both sides of the conflict in the Dardanelles in 1915-1916. His familiarity with primary source material from the Ottoman as well as the Allied side enabled him to provide a balanced and deeply human account of the conflict. Many attendees were moved and inspired to pick up a copy of Dr Rogan’s recent monograph, The Fall of the Ottomans: the Great War in the Middle East 1914-1920. The lecture was followed by an informal Q&A with Dr Rogan, and the evening was very pleasantly rounded off with a wine reception.
RAS Treasurer Lionel Knight delivers his report
The earlier part of the evening saw the Society’s Annual General Meeting, with a presentation from Lionel Knight, the Society’s Treasurer, and a few words from Professor Peter Robb, whose three-year term as RAS President came to an end. Professor Robb was warmly thanked by his successor as RAS President, Dr Gordon Johnson, as well as by members of the audience. 
Professor Peter Robb
Our next event is on Tuesday 19 May (6.30pm), when Professor John Baily and Veronica Doubleday will deliver a live performance of Afghan Music. We hope you will join us for what is sure to be a wonderful evening.