Michael Palin to become an Honorary Fellow

On Thursday 22nd January, the RAS will host an Evening with Michael Palin. During the evening Professor Peter Robb, President of the Royal Asiatic Society, will present Michael Palin with an Honorary Fellowship, after which Michael will talk to the gathered Members and friends about his travels in India.

Michael Palin.jpg
Michael Palin CBE, FRGS( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Palin)

Palin becomes the latest in a long line of Honorary Fellows. The archival documents below are of a letter from His Highness, Nawab Ikbal al Dowlah, Bahadoor, Prince of Oude, with translation by General Briggs, thanking the Society for conferment of Honorary Membership in 1839 (A.H.1255). He begins:

A thousand thanks and grateful acknowledgements to the eminently distinguished members of the Royal Asiatic Society who in the exercise of their discretion and favour towards a Stranger have dignified this unworthy and incompetent individual by electing him an Honorary Member of that noble institution…