Mahmud’s Motivation for the Nusretiye Mosque

On Tuesday 17th February, Dr. Ünver Rüstem gave an enlightening talk into the motivations behind the building of the Nusretiye mosque in Istanbul. Mahmud II was intent on building a military mosque to symbolise his decision to modernise the military and overthrow the Janissary corps.

Dr. Ünver Rüstem at the RAS

The development of a new army and the building of the mosque were undertaken simultaneously, and the mosque, which was built in three years, was opened just a few weeks before the Janissary defeat. Dr. Rüstem, in a clear and interesting manner, explained features of the architecture and design of the mosque and its position on the waterfront.  The lecture was followed by a series of questions which further helped to inform the audience.

We look forward to the next in our Student Lecture Series on Tuesday 17th March when Maurizia Onori from SOAS will lecture on “Turkish bath, Indian restaurant and funky bar: The fate of an oriental building in the East End of London”, and Aisa Martinez from the British Museum will lecture on “Omani Costumes”. We welcome you all to attend at 6.30pm for the lectures, which will be followed by a drinks reception.