Identity and Power in Neolithic Stamp Seals from Greater Mesopotamia

Tuesday, 25th November sees the next in the RAS Student Lecture Series. We are delighted to have Simon Denham from the University of Manchester and British Museum to lecture on Identity and Power in Neolithic stamp seals from Greater Mesopotamia.

Denham’s research focuses on Middle Eastern prehistory during the late Neolithic (much of the 7th to 5th millennium BC). In particular he is interested in studying the nature of the imagined communities across North Mesopotamia during the late Neolithic and how the links between real communities may have been substantiated.

This photograph shows just one of the objects that will feature in the lecture. To find out more about it, please come to the lecture at RAS, 14 Stephenson Way, NW1 2HD, at 6.30 on November 25th. The lecture is free to all and will be followed by a reception.