Lecture and Lunch Saturday, 17th May 2014
What’s new on the Shanghai Bund?

Speaker: Peter Hibbard
Time: 2.30 pm
Venue: 14 Stephenson Way, London NW1 2HD
Cost: £8 per member or guest, to include refreshments

Waking along the Bund on his first visit to Shanghai in February 1986 was an act that changed the course of Peter Hibbard’s life. He was confounded by the magnificence of the historical Western architecture on display and left determined to find out more. Since then he has devoted much of his life to researching the historical development of Shanghai and of tourism in China. Peter is very much concerned with promoting links with past and with fostering an awareness, understanding and appreciation of Shanghai’s unique historical inheritance.
He asserts that there is very little happening in Shanghai today that had not, in some way, been attempted before 1949 and will demonstrate this with an historical stroll along the legendary waterfront whose fortunes have been revived in the last twenty years.
Peter Hibbard MBE has a background in urban planning and sociology, but decided to turn his attention to the development of the Chinese tourism industry in 1983. He was a Visiting Scholar at Hong Kong University’s Centre of Asian Studies in 1985/86 and lectured in tourism studies at the Beijing Institute of Tourism thereafter, before moving to Shanghai in 1991. He was founding president of the re-convened Royal Asiatic Society China in Shanghai from 2007-2011 and has assisted in restoration projects including the Fairmont Peace Hotel and the Rockbund development, where the former RAS building is located. He is the author of The Bund Shanghai: China Faces West, the Odyssey Guide to Shanghai (now combined with Beijing), Beyond Hospitality: The History of the Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels, Ltd. and Peace at the Cathay.