Dr. Bridget Allchin is awarded the RAS gold medal

Last Thursday the Society awarded the RAS Medal to Dr. Bridget Allchin in recognition of her lifetime’s work on the archaeology of South Asia.  To celebrate the event Prof. Robin Coningham gave a lecture tracing the long and very productive research partnership of Bridget Allchin and her husband Raymond, and the different strands of the legacy of her work.  This was followed by a drinks reception.

Dr. Allchin holding her RAS Medal
Dr. Allchin and Prof. Coningham
Left to right: Prof.Coningham, William Allchin, Dr. Bridget Allchin, Paula Allchin and RAS President Peter Robb

Prof. Almut Hintze and Dr. Allchin

 Bridget Allchin was accompanied to the event by her son and daughter-in-law and Sir Nicholas Barrington, a trustee of the Ancient India and Iran Trust.  Many colleagues and friends also came to wish her well and join in the celebration.