Colour-filled Lectures

Both of the speakers at Tuesday evening’s Student Lecture Series provided informative and well-illustrated talks on their topics.

Aisa Martinez

Aisa Martinez began the evening with her lecture on “Omani Costumes”. Beautifully illustrated, she showed how variations in both male and female clothing styles reflected ethnic origins, influence of trade, and personal preference.

Her talk was followed by George Manginis lecturing on the Chinese Collection at the Benaki Museum in Greece. Again, this lecture was illustrated with many examples of the Chinese pottery donated by George Eumorfopoulos (1863-1939), a London businessman of Greek extraction.

Eumorfopoulos in 1930s

Eumorfopoulos was the founder of the Oriental Ceramic Society and an avid collector – ‘by the shipload’, Manginis suggested – and backed up this suggestion with archival photographs of Eumorfopoulos’s home on Chelsea Embankment. Eumorfopoulos gave a large donation to the newly opened Benaki Museum in Athens. Unfortunately this material has been in store for a considerable period.

George Manginis

Manginis, at present, is part of a movement to bring these treasures back into the public domain, with both an online presence and a travelling exhibition initially, before hoping to locate a permanent place of display.

The RAS would warmly encourage you to join us at next month’s Student Lectures when Karin Warch from SOAS will speak on “Humour and 18th Century Korean Art”, and Tara Desjardins, also from SOAS, will lecture on “18th century Indian Mughal Glass”. The lectures begin at 6.30p.m. on Tuesday 21st April.